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A man hydro jetting a clean out

There are many drains connected throughout the plumbing system in your home. If there is a clog, it can affect all your pipes. Hydro jetting is a method that uses highly pressurized water to break and remove sludge, grease, and tree roots in your sewer lines. The pressure usually reaches 4000 PSI, meaning any obstruction can be cleared. Hydro jetting requires no chemicals, just a full-pressure blast of water.

What a pipe looks like after hydro jetting

             5 Signs Your Pipes Need Hydro Jetting

While you may want to choose other methods to unclog your pipes, hydro jetting is one of the best options for your home. Here are five signs you need to select hydro jetting for your pipes. 

1. Slow Drains
Any clog will cause a slow drain, which can worsen over time. Hydro jetting quickly removes those obstructions and keeps your pipes in working order. 

2. Noisy Plumbing
Hearing gurgling, bubbling, hissing, or banging noises in your home could indicate a problem with the plumbing system. You could use a plumbing snake, but they will not get to the clogs deeper in your system. However, hydro scrubbing can easily reach those challenging clogs. 

3. Frequent Clogs
If you have clogs not resolved by a plumbing snake or plunger, you could have a larger blockage in your sewer lines. Hydro jetting will take care of your clogs, ensuring you have a clean drain line.
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4. Foul Odors
Drains have a trap that prevents sewer gasses from entering the home. If pressure is in the line, those foul odors can enter your living space.

5. Sewage Backup
Sewage backup is a serious problem that can pose significant health risks to you and your family. The presence of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants can cause diseases and make the cleanup process a nightmare. To tackle this problem, Drain Pain Plumbing offers hydro jetting services to fix your sewer lines and restore the functionality of your sinks, showers, and appliances. With their expert assistance and necessary tools, you can be assured that your drain lines will be fixed and your home will be safe and functional again. Don't hesitate to contact Drain Pain Plumbing if you're dealing with any type of sewer backup.

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